7 Blog Commenting Tips That Guarantees Swift Approval

Due to the activities of so many black hat SEO’s in the blogosphere today, it is becoming almost difficult to get your comments on other blogs. A good number of blog owners have deactivated the comment feature in their blogs, and many others are very reluctant to approve comments on their blogs.

On the internet today, blogging and blog commenting has become a very hot topic; unfortunately, not every blogger has come to understands the manifold benefits of blog commenting.

In this post, I will be sharing with you some very simple but potent strategies to get your comments approved swiftly whenever you leave a comment on a blog. I am 100% sure that following these strategies diligently and consistently will guarantee a successful blog commenting campaign.

4 Benefits of Commenting on Other Blogs:

1. Meeting Other people

The blogosphere is a very large and admiring community where you meet people from all walks of life. Blog commenting is one way you get to meet these people whom you might not have met in your entire life time. One of such person is Nisha Pandey of Seotechyworld; I call her my twin sister.

2. Traffic Generation

Commenting on some very popular blogs has the potentials of bringing in swarms of visitors back to your own site. Very popular blogs like AdrienneSmith.net, Aha-Now.com and Problogger.net (just to mention a few blogs) enjoys very high readership. Therefore, by rightly posting a relevant comment on any of such blogs will see good number of their visitors clicking through to your site.

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3. Builds Backlinks

Almost all comment boxes have the option for pasting a link back to your site. You must understand that some blog posts have high PageRank. Therefore, having your comment approved on such posts means that you can get a free high PR backlink.

4. Builds Your Credibility

By constantly engaging in posting blog comments, the readers of those blogs that you frequent would come to recognize you as an authority in that niche. Regular blog commenting has so many benefits attached; for instance, if you are to recommend a product on your own site or affiliate site, there is the possibility that you will make some good sales.

Now that we have seen some benefits of blog commenting, let’s go and see how to do blog commenting the right way to get your comments approved swiftly and enjoy the all the above benefits therein.

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7 Tips for Getting Your Comments Approved Swiftly

1. Find Blogs in Your Niche

What’s the point if people come to your blog via a comment you dropped in a blog that talks about repairing bicycles and your own blog is all about orange. The people will not benefit anything and will not be willing to return to your blog again.

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Furthermore, your blog will not enjoy much SEO benefit for you commenting on the bicycle repair blog if that’s not your niche market. Therefore, your target should be to read and comment on blogs with the same niche as yours.

2. Insert not More Than one Link

I quite disagree with many bloggers and webmasters that you can leave up to two or more links in one comment; this is because no matter the genuineness of your comment on my blog, I will only approve one link. I personally prefer to have just one link in a comment. Any comment with more than one link is seen as spam on my blog.

3. Add Your Picture to Your Comments

One of the effective ways to build your brand online is to use your own picture, preferably the same one everywhere. Now, what good is it if you use a default image or objects and people don’t see your face next to your comments?

If you really need to be visible and make a name for yourself in the blogging arena, then you need to add your picture. And pictures of your pet, company logo and so on, will not help you to achieve this.

4. Leave Meaningful Comments

To be able to make a meaningful comment on a blog post you need to read the post first. When you highlight some of the key points in your comment, you are showing the blog owner that you have actually read the post.

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Remember, you don’t have to agree with everything the post author had said. Don’t be afraid or shy, feel free to voice your opinion on the topic, add value or constructive criticism with facts.

5. Respond to Comments on Your Blog

Back in your own blog, be sure to reply to every comment promptly to keep the discussion going and to encourage more comments from new and old commenters. People want to be heard and appreciated.

Some commenters can be very funny, still, respond to their comments or delete them if you feel they are not relevant.

6. Use Your Real Name in the Name Section

Blog commenting is first of all a means of building a relationship before the other benefits of blog commenting, and you cannot claim to be building a relationship with me when you will not allow me know your real names. Many people said using keyword in the name field is the best, but for me, I will delete your comment one time.

7. Add Value to the Discussion

In blog commenting, you are contributing to either the main post body or the comments other visitors has made already. Therefore, you must add value to the discussion or topic on ground.


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