6 Tips for Generating Swarms of Traffic

Driving insane traffic and keeping them is the live-wire of every blog, cooperate or individual blogs, the wealth in blogging lies within the traffic; no traffic – no money. In this post, I will be revealing 6 tips for generating & keeping insane traffic on your blog.

There are some grievous mistakes one can make while building a blog or website that will prevent you from getting the traffic that you so desire, or stop them from wanting to come back to view your fresh content again.

6 tips revealed here will help you avoid these grievous mistakes.

Happy reading!

1. Pattern Your Blog after a Successful

If you see a another blog that is doing well, do all you can to emulate it’s pattern, however, the truth is that it is getting more traffic and doing better because it is original. As you try to emulate it, get your own content ideas. Don’t repeat what someone else said in another way.

Make it easy and simple to understand and offer perhaps that same type of content in your own words.

2. Make Your Posts Brief

To get readers coming back and get stuck reading your post, one of trick is making brief posts. If the topic you want to talk about is the one that will involve over 300 to 400 words, make it part one, two and so on.

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People want things done snappy these days, this is because we are living in a fast moving world; we just have to follow the trend. Consider your own feelings when you are reading. Even the most talented reader will not want to read a page of text that is miles long.

3. Make Constant Paragraphs in Your Posts

Constantly observe paragraphs in your post and if possible inject images in-between the paragraphs; break up the text with photos or headers to prevent them from appearing like an endless essay that you simply can’t get through.

Keep your posts under 400 words, and if it is an instructional or tutorial post, make them bulleted lists or line items, instead of chunks of text.

4. Stay on What the Title Portrays

One sure way to attract traffic and keep them coming back is to have content that is 100% related to your title or key words. This is because they are interested in that topic and that is why they searched it and followed your link.

Make sure the entire post is on what the title promises, in that way you are giving your readers the content they came looking for. If you do, most people will read through to the end and bookmark your blog as a good source of information.

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5. Never Let your Content Go Stale

Another way to keep getting insane traffic and keep them coming back is to keep your contents ever fresh. By this I mean post regularly; twice or thrice a week is ideal.

Posting regularly is very vital particularly if your blog posts have dates on them; make sure that you add something new every week so that you hold the interest of your readers. If you don’t do this, I am afraid they will get used to visiting your blog to see the same post they saw over 8 days ago as your newest post.

6. Don’t Bury Your Posts

If your blog is a content site, give your readers content, but give them content that is not always buried in-between endless advertisements.

Advertising is good after all you are not blogging just for fun but to generate income, but do it well so that people can view the content unhindered.

Driving insane traffic to your blog can be done in so many ways: through social medias, forums and many more, but getting the traffic to read your posts and come back to view it over again demands that you must do and have something in your blog that the other blogs in the same niche with you don’t.

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Every site visitor wants reasons to read your content through to the end. In all you do, make sure you give them that reason.

Hope you were blessed by this post; I am blessed by this concept as well.


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