6 Reasons Your Website Traffic Reduces

In the school of website traffic generation, you must first of all understand that blogging is all about expressing yourself over certain issues or niche.

But much more than that, it is about expressing your knowledge and understanding by a way of offering help or solution around a particular topic.

Remember, to drive website traffic, no good blogger blogs for himself, every good blogger writes for others (his website traffic /audience) to read; therefore, you must blog for your audience.

The main reason for blogging is to offer helps and solutions by sharing your knowledge, views and ideas in a blog post; it is the understanding and application of this is what drives website traffic.

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Below are the 6 Reasons Your Website Traffic Reduces These Days:

1. When you fill your pages with commercial banners.

It is very good to monetize your blog because you are not blogging for just the fun of it; but you are blogging to offer helps and solutions and then get paid at the end of the day.

But stuffing your sidebars, below post title and below post body with so many messy ads or banners is a very bad habit; I use to do it in time past thinking it will make me much more money, but I was very wrong.

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In most cases this could jam your pages in a way it wouldn’t open at all or open so slowly in a way that can tell your website traffic to click away

2. When you do not add fun.

In as much as you must be very serious with your offering solutions, you need to regularly garnish your post with some kind of funs. I mean you must be humorous at some point in your writing if you must drive and retain web traffic.

Don’t make your topics and post body boring or so difficult that will require your visitors to use a dictionary when reading your posts. Also, the use of translating or re-writing programs can create so much more obscure text from sentences that one can imagine.

3. When your blog loads sluggishly

In other for your blog attract more web traffic and retain returning and new readers in these days of very high competition in the blogosphere, you must format your blog in such a way that it’s loading time is brought to its barest minimum.

Web surfers have little or no patients nowadays; they cannot afford to spend their one minute waiting for your blog page to sluggishly load!

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There are so many factors that affect a blog loading time. Factors like image size, poor template coding, heavily coded banners and many more. When all these are not put in their proper ways, your web traffic decreases.

4. When your images do not portray your post.

Another thing that can decrease your web traffic is when your images do not portray the title and post of your blog.

A very relevant image performs wonders by attracting much more web traffic far more than many web traffic generating tricks. In view of this, you must invest more time deciding on which image to be used in your various blog posts

It is also very important that you learn how to create your own images; this will afford you the opportunity to fully customize your images to suit your blog titles and posts. Check out this post Spread your wings by Adrienne Smith.

5. When you use poor post fonts/style

Another reason your web traffic generation is reducing is the font size and style of your blog post. Not well formatted fonts and styles can tell a visitor to stay or click away.

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You may not have problems reading your own blog posts, but others may. Remember, you are not blogging for yourself but for others so put them in mind when choosing a font size and style.

On the average, use minimum of font size 13 or 14 depending on the font style you choose to use in your blog posts. Right from my early days of blogging, I like using Georgia and Verdana as the font style for all my blog posts.

6. When your posts does not solve Website Traffic problem.

Over 70% of internet surfers are looking for solution to one challenge or the other; your website traffic will drastically reduce if your blog posts does not offer helps or solutions.

Website traffic and visitors want your blog post to add value to their lives, businesses and career in one way or the other. They need answers to so many questions bothering on many more areas and this is where your blog post comes in.

The main factor that drives great website traffic is writing a blog post that shares your experiences, opinions, ideas and then using these to possibly solve problems.

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