5 Ways to Increase Your Page Views

It is very obvious that Google Adsense is one of the easiest and best ways for bloggers to monetize their blog. This is true because I have a blog that is currently generating over 7,000 unique traffic and 23,000 page views daily and when I started monetizing it with Adsense last August, it was very easy for the clicks to come.

This post is written basically for bloggers who uses Adsense as their major monetization program and wants to make more money with their Adsense campaign. You will agree with me that it requires a huge amount of daily traffic and page views for you to earn big with Adsense.

             What are Page Views?

Page views or pageviews means number of time traffic visits a Web page. Pageviews are tracked by website monitoring applications to record a website’s level of traffic generation.

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It is commonly believed that the more page views a website has, the more traffic it is receiving. However, this is not completely true because a page view is recorded each time a Web page is loaded, and a single user can open up so many page views on one website.

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Therefore, unique page views are commonly tracked to log the number of different visitors a website receives in a given time period.

Therefore, there is the vital need to increase your page views. The more page views you have, the higher the number of ad clicks your posts will generate. This is because more page views connote visitors stayed much longer on your blog to read multiple pages before clicking away.

Another benefit of increase in page views is that it decreases your click-through rate, and the lower your click-through rate, the safer it is for you because Google Adsense penalizes accounts with exceptionally high CTR.

5 Ways to Increase Your Page Views

1. Use Related Posts plugins or widgets.

2. Use Most Popular Posts plugins or widgets.

3. Use Most Recent Posts plugins or widgets

The above 3 plugins help visitors to your page or posts to easily navigate to another page or post within your blog. Once visitor lands in your site, they search for their relevant information within your page. If it is not available in that post, they look for relevant information.

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This is where these plugin or widget helps; they help in the redirecting of the visitor to a more relevant page or post. In the process of doing this, the visitor might have spent some good time in your blog which is very good for your bounce rate.

4. Add Internal Links

This is a process whereby you insert a link pointing at another post in your blog which is relevant to the at hand; the visitor sees this link and follows it to another page inside you’re your blog.

When a visitors land on a page in your blog, you want them to stay on your blog much longer and one major way of doing this is to enable them navigate to other pages in your blog read other content, so you add related links to each post.

You can add links to 2 or 3 similar posts at the end of every article. There are Plugins or widgets available for WordPress and Blogger that do this automatically, but I prefer to add relevant links manually.


One thing that makes a blog most successful is the encouragement of conversation with their readers. The best way to make people more engaged with your post is you engaging them by starting a conversation. Remember to encourage people to comment on your posts.

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Do all you can to respond to people’s comments to continue the conversation? This back and forth conversation is a significant boost to drive more page views. Understand that one genuine and relevant comment can result to well above 10 page views!

You can start by simply asking follow-up questions at the end of each post: “have you ever done any of the above?”; “do you think the above is acceptable?”


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