5 Reasons WordPress Platform is Best Blogging Software

Do you wish to own a personal or business blog, or, are you already into blogging for a while? Then you need to know this truth about the choice of blogging platform. I will advice you make WordPress platform your primary platform if you have not done that already.

Like Naveen Kumar puts it, (I am still using Blogger and it has many limitations from every end. So if you are serious about blogging and want to make it your full time business then I will suggest you to use WordPress platform.

In WordPress platform you have unlimited access of everything. You can do better SEO in WordPress. But if you are just a hobby blogger like me, you can start with blogger).

Therefore, I make bold to recommend WordPress platform as the foundation for your site. It has all the features and everything going for it—it’s free, flexible, powerful, and easy and gives you full control.

Like me and other full time bloggers, you have got a lot reasons to love WordPress platform and make it your main blogging platform and these reasons are:

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1. WordPress is Free & You Own It

When it comes to ownership, WordPress platform is all about you. It’s free and you own it. It’s that simple. You’re not putting your content in someone else’s system and paying for it. It’s your own site and you’re in full control. WordPress platform is open source software, so there’s no tech giant ready to buy it out or shut it down.

2. WordPress is Simple

It may look complicated at first, but the truth is that it is so easy that your grand mom can use it. Remember, you’re learning every day, not learning once and for all.

3. WordPress is Powerful

In as much as WordPress is easy to use, it also is loaded with power to perform wonders. By going the simple route you’re not getting the best of what you can do because WordPress platform can do a lot more for you and your business.

4. WordPress is Do It Yourself

WordPress is a major motivator of the entrepreneurial spirit, if you haven’t already known that. WordPress believes it’s important you do it yourself and retain control when you can. That is why WordPress gives you that power.

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WordPress wrote a whole blog series about Why WordPress platform is the best blogging software. If you need help digging into WordPress, you can always check out our Getting Started with WordPress ebook.

5. WordPress is Flexible

One very vital part of WordPress platform I have come to love so much and it is so good is its flexibility. With the help of so many plugins to pick from, it can do all sorts of things, from ecommerce to social networking and many more.


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