5 Reasons Why You Should Never Hack Your Brain

There is so much buzz about how you can take advantage of your brain. It is the common wisdom that you can use your mind to its full potential. Now I do wonder why it is worth the stress to hack your brain?

What is the benefit? Is it all worth it? Why are people so dramatic about hacking the brain? Here are 5 reasons why you should not bother about your brain:

1. You are Ok using 10% of your Brain
Yes! You got that right. Why stress your brain anyway. It is stated that humans use 10% of their brain. Wow! That is amazing and too much to bear.

What would happen if you discovered that you could use 100% of your brain? Would you be able to handle it? This is so interesting.

Note :It is been shown that using 10% of your brain is a myth. In fact your brain works 100% all the time even when you are sleeping. It also has the capacity to store information more than a trillion times the size of a terabyte hard drive and process information faster than a super computer.

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2. You are willing to give out Raw Materials
Yes you’re ok with the knowledge that you possess presently? What is the need to gain more information when you have got Talent? From the time you were born till today, everyone knows that you are just natural in doing certain things that others find difficult.

So that is enough. Why would you want to create a system that will take your talent to an authority? Why would you want to stress your brain and make it sweat so much that you make it stand out?

Isn’t it ok to give out Raw Materials?

Important Note : While Talent is the first step to success, it is the just the tip of the Iceberg. Instead of holding on to selling Raw materials, you would want to create a system around your God given resources that will lead you to your true potential.

3. You are comfortable being Stagnant
Oh! Let the world just pass through you. Why would you want to progress? What is the point of growing? Why do you want to move forward?

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You don’t have any vision or purpose. There is no problem that you think is worth solving. So what do you have to offer that will solve the world’s problems? It is best you just be a Spectator.

Important Note: Let me tell you that you are defiling nature or doing harm to your self-identity. If nature is growing and ever changing, then it is not advisable to keep being stagnant. You were designed and crafted to stand out. Going against your nature has a negative impact.

4. Everything is Impossible for You
If you believe that nothing is possible then why bother trying to hack your brain. After all, you believe that you are limited and can’t go further than your limitations. To go beyond your limitations is dangerous and risky; it is best to stay with your comfort zones.

Important Note: Seriously do you have this mindset. Then think about this, Is your existence also impossible. Do you think that it was impossible for you to be in this world?.if you exist, then nothing is impossible.

5. Would it make you better?
If after reading this post and you still don’t want to hack your brain, then let me ask if you feel better in your present state. Why are you discounting yourself? Why are you playing small in the world when you are crafted to be your very best.

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Over To You
I suggest you should work towards improving your brain. You have all it takes to achieve this goal and soar into the sky of greatness. So overcome all limitations, don’t play small and make a difference in the world.

Be an inspiration! Hack your brain today.

This is a guest post from Ikechi Awazie.

Guest Author Bio: Ikechi Awazie is a Nigerian blogger with a difference, he is an inspirational and motivational blogger at Be a Light to the World. You can follow Ikechi on Google+, Facebook and Twitter


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