5 Major Ways to Make Money Online as a Student

Making money online is one of the most discussed subjects on the internet and if you are a student, you probably will search for a more apt term like ‘ways to make moneyonline as a student’.

Did I guess right?

I know I did.

You see, back in my college days, I was always smiling to the bank every now and then making cash withdrawals and this obviously made my college-mates get curious as to want to know what I do to make money even as a student.

As a helpful young lad, I had to create a platform (Connetplus.com.ng) specifically for grooming and helping young folks like myself get enlightened about online business and how best to tap into the many resources/platforms online and make money online as a student.

There are so many reasons why you should be worried and seriously seek to make money as a student, some of which are;

You want to really learn how to be self-independent.

You want to be able to fend for yourself without calling home every now and then.

There is a huge need for you to have extra-funds, especially if you are an outgoing person like me.

Now, those are some of the reasons I decided at the early stage of my life to turn to the internet-web and yours faithfully learned so well the techniques of exploiting the internet to help me live the life I so dream.

So folks, if like me, you also want to learn and start making money online as a college student, then this article is definitely for you.

Please mates, do take your time to digest and apply the shared techniques.

Let’s get you started!

5 Major Ways to Make Money Online as a Student

#1.Start a Micro-job Business (Fiverr)

This had to come first.


This was one source of ‘make money online technique’ I tapped into while at home, prepping for my admittance into college.

And while in school, you can almost find me at lunch time and sometimes in class working and delivering clients’ jobs on Fiverr. Now, that earned me the name ‘Online Guru’ by my friends and a handful of my lecturers.

I can already hear you asking, “But Sam, what is Fiverr and how do I use it to make money as a student that I am?”

Well, good question.

Fiverr is an online market place where sellers and buyers meet to transact business – from graphics design to article writing and the likes are what people do on Fiverr to make money.

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See, if you think you are talented and can really get your hands dirty, then Fiverr is for you.

But mind you, just as the name infers, Fiverr helps you make a meager of $5 for every jobs you take on and deliver. Though, Fiverr will take a whopping 20% of your earnings and Paypal another percent, I cannot really remember now.

The secret of successful fivering is in the numbers of others you get and how competent and fast you are able to deliver those orders.

I have written a handbook about this, something I entitled “Fiverr Sales machine”, the 57 pages eBook should guide you to achieving huge success with fiverr and hence, make money online as a student.

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#2. Become a tutor

Becoming a tutor or a coach, as some of my friends like to call me is another great way of making money online and the good thing is that this strategy works well offline too.

Up until recently, I have only been tutoring people online and yes, I have had to make good money off this technique. This technique is particularly cool if you are the expert that you claim to be.

Yes, you’ve got to be sure you are very good at what you are trying to teach this other person. So for me, it was online business, specifically blogging and fiverr. So what, I had to write guides in posts and ebooks on the both phenomenon which I always present to my virtual and offline students.

I hope you get my drift, mates?!

See, I once read that “One of the best ways to learn and know a subject so well is to teach it.”  This is actually true because all of the things I know today are by virtue of teaching and passing on the little knowledge I have garnered about a particular subject.

Let’s bring this idea a little bit down to college settings. So you are very good at Mathematics and Physics, why not jump on the opportunity of your know-how to teach and make money off your college-mates?

Remember though, you can’t give what you don’t have. If you have it, then it’s time to harness and maximize what you have to get what you want, in this case, money.

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#3.Sell Custom T-shirts

Selling custom T-shirts is another fantastic way of making money online as a student. I have a female friend in school that makes huge money off this method and as such smile to the bank week-in-week-out to cash out funds.

All you need is a designing knowledge and maybe sowing skills to start out on your journey to selling custom T-shirts. There are so many online tools you can use for the designs and of course websites to sell the designs.

I have not tried this method yet but I know of friends who have and they have good tales to tell about how well this business model works.

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#4.Get paid to write

I particularly love this method!

Writing goes beyond scribbling a few words down but if you have the unusual ability to think critically and weave out meaningful words from the recess of your mind, then you are a good fit for this business model.

I can mention 2, 3, 5, maybe 20 persons I know, myself inclusive, who makes huge money from writing for individuals and organizations.

As a freelance writer myself, I can categorically tell you that writing has bought and has taken me to places far above my imaginations.

The secret of achieving success with this business model will be to setting up a business/writing blog with a powerful ‘Hire Me’ page, get active on social media showcasing your talents (writing skills) by offering FREE Text Resource from your intellectual property, researching topics and contacting individuals and companies who might need to use those contents.

That’s it.

Now you can start making money online as a college lad and lass.

By the way, to learn how to write, check with Theodore’s powerful eBook on Writing Hacks, I am sure it will be very helpful to you if you are really serious about this business model.

#5.Become a blogger

You can’t tell me you haven’t heard about blogging? Well, not in this age where every Jack and Jill owns a personal blog.

Owning and growing a blog is one of the foremost and coolest ways savvy online folks make money online and if you are really serious about making money online as student, then you might want to consider starting your own blog.

It’s pretty simple to start a blog these days. Tells why there over 70 million blogs on the internet today.

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How can I make money blogging?

That’s also simple!

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My Checklist:

Create a really brilliant blog

Write and publish compelling contents on this blog

Drive traffic from search engine and social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter

Monetize your blog with Google Adsense, Affilaite Marketing, and Sponsored Posts & Reviews.

Contact me to coach you on other ways to make money online as a student.

Now, those were/are the strategies I use to growing my blog and of course making huge money online.

Bonus Points: Start Flipping Domains

I love this one too, though I didn’t do it. But have got guys who did it and made good money from it.

Remember what works for Oleg, won’t necessarily work for Sam. Well, I didn’t even try it let alone seek the possibility of it ever working for me. 🙂

I won’t really say much on this one. However, I will leave you to digest Oleg’s great post on How to Make Money Flipping Domain Names. The good thing is, this is really handy and feasible for you as a student. It’s somewhat a passive, rather than an active method of making money online.

By reading his post, you are sure of never going wrong. Go on!

Let’s Wrap Up This Whole Tutorial

Friends, the five methods I shared above are pretty handy and are pretty magical if you were to start making money online as a student.

So throughout my college days, I used the four techniques above, asides the third point, which I had no interest in, to pay my house rents and school bills such as handouts and the likes. I achieved all of these and much more without calling home crying and begging for money.

You can too only if you would take your time to learn the 5 methods I have here espoused to you. I will see you at the top!

Please do share other ways you make money online as a student by using the comment box above.

Guest Post by:

Sam Adeyinka is a seasoned blogger, a passionate podcaster, a creative writer and a digital marketing strategist who loves teaching young minds how to start, launch, and grow a successful online business. You can download his 0.99cents handbook on Amazon titled “101 Common Blogging Mistakes: And Smart Fixes.”




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