8 Failure proof Tips for Picking WordPress Themes for Your Blog

Before you can pick the perfect theme for your blog, you need to know a little about WordPress themes. This is because they come in every color in the world, with just as many options and features as you can imagine.

So let’s take some time to empower you with the knowledge of some theme basics before you make your choice of WordPress themes.

1. Your Audience

Even if there is no strict rule for choosing themes, look around and you will see that the appearance of a blog theme should match with desire of the audience, their mood, and their style. You should choose theme based on the audience you are writing for.


2. Theme Colors and Fonts

In your choice for a theme, you must understand that colors are also very important factor. You must consider the mood of your targeted audience and its relevancy to the overall contents of your blog.

Remember, the colors that you choose for your blog will also determine the readability of your content.

Font is another issue to consider while choosing themes. Some fancy themes may use a lot of font faces in a theme, but that really degrades the user experience. Whether it’s your own theme or a third-party one, try to use the minimum number of fonts. As far as possible, stay with only one font if you can.

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3. Types of Themes

WordPress themes come in all kinds and varieties. There’s a stripe for every style, a ticket for every taste. They vary wildly, from the very basic theme that simply displays blog posts to an elaborate theme that gives you the power to customize the entire look without touching the code. Let’s take a quick look at some of the different types of themes:

4. Free vs. Premium

There are two primary types of WordPress themes and these are: free and premium. Free themes are obviously free, and this means you can download them without any cost.

Unlike premium WordPress themes, you have to pay for premium themes, either as part of a package membership or a price for each theme you desire to use for your blog.

There is so much difference between free and premium WordPress themes, but it also depends on the individual theme.

Generally individual theme whether free or premium varies in all areas; I mean some free themes comes with so much features to make your blog look professional enough, while some free themes tend to be pretty basic.

In premium themes, you get what you pay for; premium themes offer a lot of extras. Plus most premium themes come with support to help you out in case you have any challenge.

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Let’s talk about specific things to keep in mind with both free and premium themes later.

5. Responsive/Mobile Compatibility

Responsive WordPress template design is vastly significant in these days, this is because mobile audience are becoming larger by the day and cannot be ignored.

Responsive design is nothing but platform independent and is also light weight. The increasing number of Smartphone and Tablet users’ makes this more necessary with each passing day and any failure in adopting such design equals your downfall in the nearest future.

6. SEO Optimized

The most important feature you must look out for in deciding your choice of theme is its SEO friendliness, this means, it must be optimized for search engines.

Search optimized themes let’s you attract more free organic traffic. Actually, It is the on-page work of SEO that the designer has done while designing such theme.

7. Ad Spaces

Another very vital feature you must look out for is the ad spaces, this will help you monetize your blog with various ad sizes at ease.

The theme should encourage easy insertion of ads in every page and on the sidebar. The best place for your first ad space should be in the header and recommended size is 468×60 banner and 728×90 leader board. The second place is below the post title with the size 360×280. The third place is in the sidebar with appropriate size of 300×250 or 250×250. And the last space is under or below the post which may have 360×280 or 468×60 size.

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8. Customized Themes

There is also the option of hiring a designer or developer to make a custom theme just for you. In the event that you can’t find what you’re looking for in both premium and free WordPress themes, this might be a good choice for you.

But you must understand that as with any custom work, custom themes are going to be more expensive than pre-made themes. Take a look at Opra20 Themeshop; this is a customized theme just for her.

Another advantage of a custom theme is that you will get everything you want the way you desire it. But you must be pregnant with all the features you will need before you make your order for a custom theme. Failure to do this, you might be paying extra in the nearest future.


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