4 Ingredients for Creating Money Making Blog

In creating a traffic pulling and money making blog, I maintain that there are 4 main ingredients that must be considered. These 4 ingredients are well explained in this post, happy reading!

The major key to determine the level of success of a blog or mini site is that it has to target a body of prospects by focusing on a particular niche that people are searching for regularly online. In other words, I’m talking about the selection of your niche which you will center your blog or mini site on, get this book.

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1. Identifying Problems and Providing Solution

Let’s take for example, challenges like financial suffering, bodily discomfort, emotional hurt, marital challenges and other manner of body or family discomforts.

For a very good reason, people who are suffering are the very same who are more likely to want to pay for anything or product that will bring solutions to that suffering, and this is where your created traffic pulling blog comes to offer them the needed solutions.

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Does this mean you are taking advantage over people who are suffering? Not all, it is just business. You’ve had business people doing it to you all your life via the media and you never even realized it, so what is wrong with you doing it too as long as you provide solutions to people’s problems? And what’s more, you’re in fact about to give these prospects a real solution, so you’re actually being considerate!

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2. Choosing the Right Keywords

Contrary to what a lot of people believe and teach on the internet today, having NO competing websites on a particular keyword is not a good thing. Indeed having NO competing websites could and regularly does imply that it’s not a money-making keyword.

In fact, what you need is a bit of rivalry, but low quality rivalry that you can dominate easily by building a superior website, supplying much better information and in a much better way than your rivals.

3. Know Your Audience

How Many People has these Problems and are Searching for Solutions? How many searchers are enough you ask? With certain kinds of niche sites, you only need about 10 visitors to your site a day to make good income.

However, there are niches that your site may be centered on and you will require thousands of visitors per day to make substantial income. Therefore, creating traffic pulling and money making blog that is successful depends largely on what you are promoting on your blog and who your targets are.

4. Monetizing Your Blog or Mini Site

Google Adsense is believed to be the most effective and easiest way of making some good money via a blog or mini site, however, you must do the right things most of which are covered in this post already.

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In selecting a CPA program, you must consider whether the program has a suitable product for you to sell to your prospects; having in mind that you are dealing with a group of peculiar people whom your blog or mini site is targeted at.

You want something that is reasonably of a good standard to promote to these hungry prospects your blog have attracted a product that is going to transform your visitors to customers and pays you a healthy amount of commission.

Finally, if you can integrate all of the above factors when creating a blog, then you are sure of having a money making blog.


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