4 Failure-Proof Tricks to Promote Your Blog With Social Media

Tricks to promote your blog – There are so many factors involved in blogging if you must become a successful blogger, some of these are: high quality contents, eye catchy titles, professionally looking layouts, blog promotion for traffic generation and many more.

The very important factor I want to discuss here in this post today is the promotion aspect with social media – the tricks to promote your blog. However, there are so many ways to promote your blog online and offline. Blog promotion is very crucial if your blog must succeed.

The essence of blog promotion which is also called blog marketing is to generate enough traffic to your site. For your blog to receive the needed attention and traffic, you need to know and apply the tricks that will promote your blog and drive traffic.

We all know that in this social media marketing age, blogs have become extremely powerful tools both for individuals and companies; this is because blogs are friendly with search engines and humans, I mean they love blogs. Potentials clients, customers and all categories of persons love blogs.

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The reason for the great attention given to blogs is that blogs are informative, their contents are always fresh, and blogs allows companies and individuals to get personal with their clients via the comment systems. Blogs promote discussions and relationships. It is therefore, very necessary that you promote your blog.

However, none of the above can be achieved if people can’t find your blog. This is always the part that has killed so many blogs. I have come to discover that most persons love the surface level information and idea; they are not patient enough to dig down deep enough to figure out the chemistry that makes things work. The tricks to promote your blog are in the deep.

Remember, knowledge informs you, but application of relevant knowledge transforms you and your business.

You may do all you can to attract organic traffic through search engine optimizations. You can also try your best by writing killer contents then sit back and wait for traffic to flood your blog if you so desire.

But here in this post, I am revealing to you another very effective way to drive traffic in a more rapid and consistent manner and that is “the social media strategy”.

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1• Create Eye Catchy/Relevant Profile

To Promote Your Blog, It is a must to create a profile that is related to your personal or business blog. This is because you must be able to establish with your possible “fans/followers” why you are qualified to discuss on the chosen topic, and make it easy for them to find you as well.

Create a personal profile that explains a little bit about your business. Social Medias like Twitter, Google+ and Facebook, create a page that is more business related and less personal if you intend promoting your blog with it.

2• Look Out for People

The second thing to do to Promote Your Blog, you must understand that people will not always come to you; it is your duty to go out and look for them. Most social networks have made this pretty easy and fast. You can readily find relevant people with similar interests because they pull up under certain keywords, group or tags.

Sooner or later, you’ll find out that enough people will begin like you and your page, and will eventually click onto your blog.

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3• Be an Active Participant

The third trick to Promote Your Blog, you must understand that nobody likes in-activeness. If you aren’t active by contributing and adding to what is going on, people won’t know you’re there and those that has you as friend/fan may un-friend you. It will be even more of an insult when you don’t contribute but you randomly spam people and Pages with your blog link.

4. Join Relevant Groups

In the social Medias today, there are so many groups or boards that have been created for like minded persons, in Facebook for example, you have groups like Blogging Tips, SEO Tips, SEO Experts and many more. Joining these groups helps promote your blog in so many ways.


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