4 Exclusive Blogging Tips Needs Attention

In this piece, I want to bring your notice to these very vital truths about successful blogging. It is a common knowledge that whatever is worth doing is worth doing well.

You can’t afford to spend time, energy and resources on your blogging career and allow it to go down into the dust bin of search engines.

Will You?

Exclusive Blogging Tips Rich Snippets

These are simply pieces of markup code for your page that appear as text under the headline on SERPs (search engine results pages). They are very vital to your blog posts appearing in SERP.

Once Google understands the content (or the meaning) of your blog pages, it creates a rich snippet – detailed text aimed at helping the end users find exactly what they’re looking for in specific search queries. According to Moz, “Rich snippets are designed to give the user a sense of what a webpage may contain.”

It is important to note here that the goal and desire of every blogger is to increase his click-through rates. It’s no longer enough to rank #1 in Google or other search engines; you need to do everything possible to motivate the target audience to click through to your site. This is where Rich snippets help.

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Exclusive Blogging Tips Quality Contents

The truth about driving traffic to your blog and retaining them is that you must consistently create content that aligns with the searcher’s query. Your content, therefore, has to be relevant to the intention of the search query.

Most of the time, Google will create rich snippets for you, based on the search term content of your page. By doing so, Google gets the most out of your site and is better able to satisfy its users by directing site traffic appropriately.

Exclusive Blogging Tips Inlink Building

A good method of improving your website’s reputation and search engine standing is to invest some time into building links to your site. The most important type of links are those which link to your website from outside but do not require a link back.

Search engine’s look upon these type of links favorably and attribute a higher status to the quantity of these links your website has. These types of links are known as one way links or inlinks.

When your website is crawled by search engine bots, they will calculate how much worth is attributed to each link. If the link in question is from a highly reputable website with a decent page rank it will carry more weight and your page becomes a benefactor.

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One major key point to remember when trying to gain links back to your site is that quality far out performs quantity. One link from a high ranking site is worth more than 20 links from very low ranking sites.

Exclusive Blogging Tips Drop In Traffic

Your web site is working perfectly, with plenty of traffic coming your way. You’ve invested the time to optimize your site for certain keywords and phrases that were strategically selected.

You’ve exhausted every SEO tactic you know – built inbound links, written and distributed articles, added new posts to your blog, employed every social media tactic know to mankind and it’s all paying off handsomely for you. Then, suddenly, traffic to your site comes to a screeching halt. You can’t imagine what’s happened. What should you do?

Check your SERPs. If the phrase “This site may harm your computer” shows up under your listing, you’ve been hacked. What’s most disturbing is that you didn’t even suspect it, but Google knows-and just as they revealed it in your search results, Google is letting the whole world know.

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