4 Blogging Sins That May Push You Into a Hell Of Failures

You cannot say them regrets. They are sins because sooner or later you have to pay its price. Most of the time you can never offset these mistakes which actually define your level as blogger.

If you commit these sins you can be a good blogger after doing a lot of hard work for compensating them but can never be an enviable one. Why I am so serious while talking about them. It is because most of the people commit them while laying the foundation of their blog.

What about a building that is built on a foundation full of mistakes? We can better understand what eventually will happen to it. It will collapse or not but surely it will not be taken beyond a certain level because of its weak base. So instead of going into deep details of ifs and buts of these blogging sins lets discuss them one by one.

Haste makes waste
This rule is oft-repeated but in the field of blogging it works lethally. Once you decide in haste then you face two situations. Either to continue your wrong decision and never meet the success or rollback your decision and waste yours much time.

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4 blogging sins of basic nature

If your decision has online impact then you also lose your good image in your readers or customers. Usually bloggers commit the following four sins of making haste:

1. Wrong choice of niche
2. Poor selection of domain
3. Unclear setting of objectives
4. Unwise selection of blogging platform

Many of the above decisions can be corrected later on but you waste your time, energy and money in some cases to switch over to a better option.
If you continue your any wrong decision you can achieve anything but surely it won’t be success. So never make haste and take your time to make right decision with following tips

Do extensive research
Never believe in word of mouth but test your choice before use
In your research never rely on tutorial because they may be pre-selling so apply your mind in your research

Delay equals missing of opportunities
If you delay unnecessarily you will miss a great chance. Just think about those bloggers who are expert in this field for a long period of time but they are still trying various options instead of sticking to one or two blogs to take them to their higher level.

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Now it is not easy to make a blog from scratch to turn it into huge success. Many pro bloggers have said that it is unwise to start a blog on money making if you are not genius in the field of money making.

Five years ago it was hot niche and whoever joined it, is now icon of money making. Still there are several niches which you simply need to identify and select the best one of your choice. If you delay, some day it will also be full crowded and you need to be genius of it to make it your pie.

Right decision at right time
Neither right decision at wrong time will work nor will a wrong decision at right time bring your desired results.

This is the basic rule in any online business if you fail to take right decision at right time you can never pick that chance later. Once an opportunity is missed it will not come back with same benefits. This is bitter reality of online world and you need to accept it.

So these are my views about the four blogging sins of basic nature one must avoid committing them. Otherwise he should be ready to enter into the hell of failures.
What do you say? Did you commit any of them in your blogging career? Do share your views to let me learn more.

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Author Bio: Mi Muba has been blogging for the last three years. He manages his blog Be A Money Blogger. He earlier contributed more than 1,000 posts in two UK-based popular blogs as ghost writer. You can meet him at Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus to learn money blogging.


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