3 Tips for Writing a Blog Post for Your Target Readers

writing for target readers

One of the most important key to writing a good post on your blog is the key of “understanding your audience”, in this post, I call it “your target readers”. It begins with knowing who your audience are; who are your audience, who are the people that love visiting and reading every of your blog post? This people are your target readers.

Writing a good blog post for your target readers is a hard work at the beginning trust me; do you doubt me? Read what some great bloggers has to say about “Writing for Your Target Audience” at Adrienne Smith Blog.

For instance, read what Carol Amato said about this issue:

Hi, Adrienne,

To answer your first question, absolutely NOT! lol I was so intimidated and felt like a fish out of water when I sat down to write an article in those early days.

I didn’t realize that writing conversationally was the way to go. I thought it had to be some formal document that was worthy of. . .I don’t know what! lol

Wow! Thanks for sharing that touching story – What a ‘difficult blessing’ to be asked to read what you wrote at his memorial service. You sure did make an impact for one that says “my brain isn’t wired that way” <— You’re a hoot, my friend! 🙂 It sure is wired that way, you just proved it! I know…that YOU know. . . we all see ourselves differently than others see us, but I’m telling you – you do have a special way to tell a story. 🙂

Yes, you’re absolutely right! Hand-written letters have become fewer and fewer, but I refuse to give up on this old school/warm form of communication. In fact, I recently went to Staples to buy a new fountain pen so that I put an extra layer of ‘special’ on the cards and notes I send.

Don’t get me wrong, I definitely enjoy the digital age we’re living in, but I choose to continue sending out hand-written cards to show I care. I receive much more than I give, that’s for sure.

You and me both! I was also taught to be “professional” in my tone of communication. Each of us has our own unique voice, but ‘warm and down to earth’ should be what we all strive for. You do such a wonderful job with this, Adrienne, and I was immediately drawn to you because of that! 🙂

I’m so glad that you are able to help Karen, what a great example of where we usually find ourselves in the beginning.

I see blogs that are too general with unlclear messaging about the help they give all the time, and it grieves me yet that’s how I was in the beginning.

We learn as we go, and of course, getting a good coach speeds the process up; which I did pretty early on. Awesome that you’re providing help to people, Adrienne, that’s what really gets results for folks.

Excellent share, my friend, and I’ll be letting my friends know about your blog post.

I hope you have a lovely afternoon – I plan to. My son is off today, so we just finished a steak lunch with all the trimmings and are about to play some games. I absolutely LOVE working from home with my flexible schedule.

– Carol Amato

It is very crucial that bloggers knows and understands their target readers so as to enable them speak to them in every blog post they write. Remember, your blog serves as a daily newspaper to your target readers.

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The reasons your target readers visit your blog is to solve their problems, get more education on the subject matter and they also visit your blog for fun at their free time. Read some bloggers responses.

Hear what Kore Duke said about writing a blog post for your target readers :

Hey Adrienne,

What a fantastic post!

I have come to see blogging as a platform to solve people’s problems so if our content is not targeted at our audience then we are not making progress.

This is the first time am seeing the saying “our readers need to read 10 posts from us before buying from us”. This is something I’ve learnt new today.
It’s not easy for me to define who my target audience is and how to write in a more relaxed and controversial manner for them but i know with practice I’ll get there.

At first I thought I could blog about everything but like you’ve said it’s not the smartest thing to do.

– Kore Duke

Many novice bloggers like I was in the past before I met Adrienne Smith attempts to write a blog post that suits them without considering their target readers, they simply craft a general sales letter that sounds generally persuasive, but do not consider who will be reading it.

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Here are my 3 steps approaches to accomplish writing for your target readers:

Step 1: Know your target readers

Just like in product creation, before you create any product at all, you should do some market research to find out who is buying the type of product you intend to create and sell; and what features and benefits they desire most.

Step 2. Understand your target readers

It is very important that you understand your target readers, know how they respond to issues that concerns securing their loyalty. For instance, you could send out a survey to your list subscribers asking for their genuine opinion on certain issues relating to your blog niche.

In addition to conducting surveys of your existing clientele, you should also visit relevant forums in your niche.

Once you locate a number of promising forums, you should begin reading through the user-generated content to find out what people think about products in your niche. Try to learn how they feel and think about the products and question; and try hard to put yourself in their place.

As you go, take notes about your potential buyers. For instance, jot down things about their personality traits, their goals, their ideas; and their reasons for wanting your product. Is there some particular feature or benefit that comes up frequently?

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Step 3: Write for your target readers

It’s one thing to understand who your audience is; and it’s an entirely a different thing to write for them. It’s different because it requires careful thought, attentive writing, and a well-crafted and organized plan.

In witting for your target readers, focus specifically on the image of a single individual who fits the “typical” reader in your niche. Think about his or her interests. And fix yourself on his or her reasons for wanting to read this article.

For instance, does he want your post because it solves a problem or will educate him on the said topic?, this is what will finally allow him to pay all the attention to your blog and will be ready spend any amount if there is anything you are selling on your blog.

Hope this post have helped you in one way or the other, keep reading Efogator.com. My next post captioned: “6 Ways to Write Meta Descriptions that is Search Engine Friendly” will be published shortly, keep in touch.


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