10 Ways to Monetize Your Blog

In life, there are ways of doing things if you must achieve your desired results. As a blogger, there are proven and profit yielding ways to monetize your blog once you’ve got your blog in place.

Blogging, among many other things serves as another level of promoting your online and offline business on the internet, the print media business is a very good example of this. They are promoting their business on the internet with a blog, and at the same time they monetize the blog with affiliates, paid advertisements etc.

monetize your blog

Blogs has the capacity to take your business to an unlimited number of already waiting to pay customers for you within unimaginable period of time. And when you monetize your blog, you generate some good money from it.

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Once your blog is set up, the first step is to add plenty of good-quality and SEO friendly contents, the next thing is to commence promoting your blog to generate enough traffic, and when the traffic start coming in, the next step is to monetize your blog; this is how the money will start rolling in.

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One very good thing about blog is that when you monetize your blog, it becomes the vehicle for actualizing your money making adventure on the internet, it is also a vehicle that drives your online and offline business to an unending success and profits.

Let’s say for instance you own a phone accessories shop and you have the physical location, you cutely decorated and stocked it with all manner of phone accessories, then you install a cash register and take out ads in the local paper. Y

ou even stand outside the door, handing out tiny blossoms and business cards to people who walk by. That’s all well and good, but until you start actually providing value to your market, you’re not really in business.

The same is true for your blog. Until you actually provide a product or service that people can pay money for, you’re not yet in business, I mean, you cannot make money for yourself.

Therefore, in this short report, I am unveiling to you top 10 ways to monetize your blog, and with these 10 ways, you are guaranteed to make money from your blog. However, not every one of these ways may be right for you as a person so stick to what works for you and don’t be deceived.

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Read through all 10 ways to monetize your blog, make notes, and pick one or two of them to start with if you have never done that before. As time goes on, experiment with other ways until you have well discovered which way works better for your blog and stick to that way.

Trust me, you are on your way to making money from your very own online business and I mean your blog.

10 ways to monetize your blog

1. Become an Affiliate
2. Sell Technology
3. Provide Paid Sponsorships
4. Join an Advertising Network
5. Sell Your Own Physical Products
6. Promote Online Auctions
7. Sell Information Products
8. Offer Coaching
9. Restrict Access to Premium Content
10. Accept Paid Advertising


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