10 Top Proffessional Tips for Newbie Bloggers Pt2

Just like in every other vocation or business in life, there are so many things a newbie has to learn and understand before he can see success; blogging is never an exception.

Blogging has so many factors that make for success; even the template used can result to a failing blog. There are some factors that must be in place for your blogging passion to remain alive.

The truth is that whether you have a personal or business blog, even if you have always wanted to start a new blog, or you are already one of the great bloggers, there are always new tips that will keep your blog exciting thereby compelling your readers to keep coming back hungry for more.

Some of these things include the followings:

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• You must often give your blog a layout makeover
• A self-hosted WordPress blog is still your best option
• Make sure you have an about page that represents who you are and what your blog is all about.
• You must grow a mailing list, it is still an important thing
• You must organize your blog labels so readers can find the post (s) they are looking for more easily.

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• You must spend some money on promotion at times
• You must comment on other people’s blogs, it is a great way to engage with someone you respect, and for others to notice you too.
• You must not let footer space become dead space.
• Start blogging relationship with others early
• Try offering an email newsletter to your readers to ensure active engagement.

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Others are:

• You need to create an editorial calendar to keep track of ideas and other blogging activities.
• You need to take some blogging classes to improve your blogging skills.
• You must make sure readers comment on your blog.

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